Rug Cleaning

Oriental, silk, wool, synthetic…No matter what type of area rug you have we can clean it! Each rug has it’s own history, whether you have children, pets or just dirt from regular traffic we can address each and every issue and bring your rug back to life.

 We can pick it up and deliver it or you can bring it in to us anytime between 8:30 – 5:00!  

Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Pad Wizard

We also carry the Rug Pad Wizard! This is insurance for your expensive floor. Rug pad protects your floor underneath, your area rug from spills and pet urine.

  • Grip
  • Cushion
  • Green
  • Longevity

We custom cut to size and offer three different styles. Check out Rug Pad Wizards website!!

Rug Pad Wizard