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History of Northwest Professional Services

The history of NPS started with Doug’s Janitor Service in 1974 when I was a Junior in high school, utilizing the skills that I gained while helping my Grandpa. He not only taught me skills but he also instilled in me that hard work pays off in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Because of my desire to deal with the more technical side and my passion for the science of cleaning, I changed the name a few years later to Northwest Professional Services. Our first home was in the Lynden Airport in one of the hangers, which helped me blend my passion for cleaning with my passion for flying. We spent 20 years in the hanger before moving to our current location on Birch Bay Lynden Road in 1994. From 1 truck in 1974, to 26 employees and 23 vehicles in 2021, we’ve experienced God’s blessings through the years, a great team of people to work with, a sense of accomplishment every day and customers who we have grown to love.

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Restoration Services Division Team