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So exactly how wide is the range of services we provide? I'll keep you up to date with what I'm currently working on here.

By northwestpr41454886, Dec 30 2016 07:39PM

Many of you have seen the video with Simon Sinek that seems to be everywhere at once on Facebook about Millennials in the work place. While I have no quarrel with Simon (I'm currently reading his book "Leaders Eat Last") I'm finding a lot of the conversations surrounding the topic of the Millennial workforce to be broadly overreaching and generalized. There are some extremely positive and redeeming qualities about Millennials that often get overlooked.

At the company I help run, Northwest Professional Services, I've found that the technicians we employ fitting this age demographic are fiercely loyal among other desirable characteristics. They have strong work ethics that are driven by a desire to learn and advance when given an opportunity to not just specialize in a particular skill but also invest in the process of developing and innovating existing workflows. This speaks to the research stating that Millennials have a deep desire to for a stake in the outcome of decisions. Our Millennials have consistently show a knack for improvising in situations that require out of the box thinking which I have personally found to be a soft skill that is very difficult to train.

For the record, I'm proud of the team I get to lead and manage every day and I find them to be full of energy and passion that comes through in the way they engage with our customers and really invest fully in creating relationships with both customers and each other as team members. I feel like Simon nailed the real discussion in that video when he finally gets to the guts of the real conversation at 11 minutes, 30 seconds… stating that it's up to us as business owners and managers to be the leaders that this generation deserve. We need to work harder to connect with them and draw out the potential they hold. I can attest to this firsthand in seeing Millennials really shine in the work place when they are properly invested in.

By northwestpr41454886, Nov 16 2016 10:05PM

Brought to you by Northwest Professional Services and The Leaderboard

At Northwest Professional Services, a certain amount of time in my schedule is spent completing tasks that are somewhat repetitive in nature. This doesn't necessarily mean they are boring or unimportant. Sometimes they can be critical tasks like drawing diagrams and writing repair scopes for insurance claims or simple data entry which both require less critical thinking but can still take a decent amount of time to hit your stride and get in the zone. I'd like to share a few tips that I use to help keep me focused and hit that "flow state" faster and stay there longer to increase productivity.

1. Continuous repeat of a song through headphones

Sound like torture? Dont knock it until you give it a chance! I find it's amazing how much this little trick helps me to lock into a cadence and stay there. A couple tracks that I can always count on to set the tone are "Award Tour" by A Tribe Called Quest and "Blue Bossavnova" by Bossanova.

2. The Pomodoro Technique

Essentially, it's a method of time blocking in which distractions are ruthlessly eliminated for 25 minute blocks, separated with short breaks. Sounds simple right? You might be shocked at how fundamentally difficult it is to rearrange your environment to eliminate the distractions we've become so good at inviting into our workflow. 25 minutes of pure undivided attention can feel like a lifetime when properly executed. SPOILER ALERT: You and your squirrel brain are the worst offenders when it comes to attention sabotage. For more info visit

3. Automate and replicate

Obviously, this wont work for everything but even if you can manage to find a way to cut your required input down by just 10%, the math plays out to your benefit over the long run... even if it takes you an extra 20 minutes to come up with the initial fix. For instance, if there are certain email responses that you re-craft every time the same question comes up, setup a template response and save it as a draft so the work is cut down to quick and simple touches to personalize it next time. If it comes up way too often, add it the "Frequently Asked Questions" page on your website and direct traffic accordingly. Congrats... you just bought back a weekend in reclaimed time over the course of the next 5 years.

Thanks for your time. I really mean that! I

know exactly how valuable it is.

-J Young

Chief of Operations

Northwest Professional Services


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By northwestpr41454886, Nov 4 2016 02:31PM

We're always ready to help with un-planned water damage issues but we would definitely prefer that you stay dry this fall by going through this helpful checklist.

1. Leaves And Gutters

They don't play so well together! Be sure to clear your gutters of wet leaves and debris that can plug downspouts and lead to overflowing gutters that often will pour into soffits or basement window wells. If this is something you can't do or lack the time, just call us. We can take of this in an easy quick trip.

2. Disconnect Your Garden Hose

The hose bib on the exterior of your house is vulnerable to freeze damage if you leave your garden hose connected to it. Now that you're done watering the lawn for the year, disconnect it and install an insulated cover to protect against the cold overnight temps that are surely on the way

3. Find And Utilize Your Water Shut-off Valve

Fall is the gateway to the holiday season and for many of us, that means traveling to visit family and friends. Make sure you know where the shut off valve for the water to your house is and use it to disengage the water when leaving for extended trips. Trust us... there is no worse way to be greeted than by water running from under the front door of your house.

4. Clear Debris From French Drains

Similar to gutters, many basement doors have some sort of french drain that is designed to routed water down and away from the door. Heavy rains can easily overwhelm a slow or plugged french drain.

5. Address Roof Moss

Heavy moss build-up on roofs can get between composite shingles and cause gaps in their ability to shed and move water away from your attic. Don't wait too long to have that green turf up there treated. There's more than just appearances at stake when it gets out of control.

Call us anytime to schedule your routine fall maintenance work so that we don't see you later on an emergency service call!

By northwestpr41454886, Sep 28 2016 11:28PM

It's a nice fall day for driving... lucky for me because I got to do alot of that today. Estimates written from site visits today include everything from Tile and Grout cleaning for a home in Semiahmoo just accuired by new owners, Indoor air quality (IAQ) samples taken at a building in South Bellingham to test for mold, and a small water damage in Ferndale caused by radiant heat lines sandwiched between the plasterboard in a ceiling lid that a contractor accidently cut through (I've never heard of radiant lines in a ceiling either but there's a first for everything).

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