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So exactly how wide is the range of services we provide? I'll keep you up to date with what I'm currently working on here.

By northwestpr41454886, Jul 21 2016 07:32PM

Disaster strikes! ...and sometimes it's happens without us even knowing it. Today I'm heading out with one of our Water Damage Restortion Techs to help get the dryout process started in the crawlspace of a newer home that has had a defective laundry appliance leaking water between the wood floor and the subfloor for what we believe to be 8 months.

Today will be phase 1 until we have the replacement materials for the laundry room wood floor available and the interior tear out can commence.

By northwestpr41454886, Jul 15 2016 05:00PM

Floor Maintenance Proposal

I'm submitting a proposal to maintain 4527 sq ft of VCT at a commercial location in Sunset Square in Bellingham. It will require an annual strip and re-finish, quarterly scrub and re-coat, and filling in each month in between with a mop and burnish.

That's what it takes to keep these types of floors looking great year-round!

By northwestpr41454886, Jul 13 2016 03:00PM

Terrazzo Restoration

Just finshed putting the finishing touches on a bid to restore a 90 year old Terrazzo floor that has been hidden under glued-down carpet since the 70's. Terrazzo is a form of concrete aggregate that you used to see in a lot of federal buldings and banks. It's has glass, quartz, crushed stone, and other bits imbedded in it as seen in the pic.

This project is in a historic building on Downtown Bellingham that is undergoing a huge renovation this summer and fall. Can you guess what building it is?

By northwestpr41454886, Jul 11 2016 03:36PM


Just getting the crew out the door headed to a big window washing job for a beautiful new contruction custom home in Bellingham. Would'nt you love to be moving into this?

By guest, Feb 23 2016 01:46PM

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