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Welcome to my blog


So exactly how wide is the range of services we provide? I'll keep you up to date with what I'm currently working on here.

What I'm working on today

By northwestpr41454886, Sep 28 2016 11:28PM

It's a nice fall day for driving... lucky for me because I got to do alot of that today. Estimates written from site visits today include everything from Tile and Grout cleaning for a home in Semiahmoo just accuired by new owners, Indoor air quality (IAQ) samples taken at a building in South Bellingham to test for mold, and a small water damage in Ferndale caused by radiant heat lines sandwiched between the plasterboard in a ceiling lid that a contractor accidently cut through (I've never heard of radiant lines in a ceiling either but there's a first for everything).

Oct 1 2016 03:30AM by David Law

Doug: Back in the 60's, I lived in a house that had radiant heat in the ceiling. Maybe the fact that air near the ceiling was hot and air at the floor level was not has contributed to not very many such installations.

Oct 3 2016 02:10PM by northwestpr41454886

Thanks for the note on this David! That would make perfect sense from a thermodynamic perspective and in fact, this house was built back in the 60's too.

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