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5 Ways To Prepare Against Water Damage This Fall

By northwestpr41454886, Nov 4 2016 02:31PM

We're always ready to help with un-planned water damage issues but we would definitely prefer that you stay dry this fall by going through this helpful checklist.

1. Leaves And Gutters

They don't play so well together! Be sure to clear your gutters of wet leaves and debris that can plug downspouts and lead to overflowing gutters that often will pour into soffits or basement window wells. If this is something you can't do or lack the time, just call us. We can take of this in an easy quick trip.

2. Disconnect Your Garden Hose

The hose bib on the exterior of your house is vulnerable to freeze damage if you leave your garden hose connected to it. Now that you're done watering the lawn for the year, disconnect it and install an insulated cover to protect against the cold overnight temps that are surely on the way

3. Find And Utilize Your Water Shut-off Valve

Fall is the gateway to the holiday season and for many of us, that means traveling to visit family and friends. Make sure you know where the shut off valve for the water to your house is and use it to disengage the water when leaving for extended trips. Trust us... there is no worse way to be greeted than by water running from under the front door of your house.

4. Clear Debris From French Drains

Similar to gutters, many basement doors have some sort of french drain that is designed to routed water down and away from the door. Heavy rains can easily overwhelm a slow or plugged french drain.

5. Address Roof Moss

Heavy moss build-up on roofs can get between composite shingles and cause gaps in their ability to shed and move water away from your attic. Don't wait too long to have that green turf up there treated. There's more than just appearances at stake when it gets out of control.

Call us anytime to schedule your routine fall maintenance work so that we don't see you later on an emergency service call!

Nov 16 2016 04:39PM by Marv Mickley

Good job on this J! Helpful information.

Apr 6 2017 05:40AM by David Connor

Yeah I agree with all your tips that you have shared above. We all need to take care and aware from all these things and also need to contact with water restoration contractor.

Feb 8 2018 01:54PM by Derek Dewitt

My wife and I are renovating our basement at the moment, so we are always worried about it flooding during construction. I like your tip about finding the water shut-off valve in your home in case of an emergency. We'll be sure to do this before we start messing with any pipes or wall fixtures.

Mar 16 2019 09:08AM by Blake Gill

First of all, I want to say something about this post that this post is so interesting and entertaining. Anybody read this post, So can not stop without commenting it. It's really good post.

Sep 4 2019 06:18AM by Damage Restoration Service

Great Post. It is not easy for one to repair the damaged pipes or help you in removing the flood water easily. To make the task easier for individuals there are various water damage restoration companies. To know how they can be useful to you, visit

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