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How NPS is responding to the Covid-19 Crisis


We are living in a new time where what we used to see as normal has been turned on its’ head. At Northwest Professional Services we are very aware of our role in the community as a resource to keep things simple. We are prepared to address the concerns of our customers and our neighbors and look for ways that Northwest Professional Services can best serve you in this confusing time.


There is so much information coming at us all the time and recommendations that are changing daily that we become confused as to what we should actually do. At NPS we understand what to do and how to do it. We are watching both the CDC and the OSHA websites to keep up to date on all the latest routines for disinfecting and sanitizing your home or office.

We stock supplies that are targeted at protecting you by keeping your environment clean. We have name brands as well as industry specific products and can advise you on all our products and processes. All of our products are green rated, most are listed with the EPA and the CDC as approved for sanitizing, disinfecting and even killing Covid-19 Corona Virus. We are training our Techs in those routines for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting per the OSHA and CDC guidelines. We will continue monitoring those routines to keep up with all the changing protocols.


Ordering a Service

When you order services from NPS take some time to review what services you have booked with us and let us help with how we can limit your exposure during the service. We work unattended in homes all the time and it fits with the requests for social distancing that medial professional are making. If we are at your home and you are gone the Tech will call and confirm how you would like us to leave the house.  We are training our techs to observe and respect your space and abide by the suggestions of social distancing.


Here is what our techs will not do.

  • We will not approach you to shake hands.

  • We will not enter your space while you are greeting us at the door.

  • We will not hand you our phones for any reason.

  • We will not pet any animals that approach us.


Our Techs will be doing these things.

  • Do our best to maintain social distancing during the service.

  • Wear gloves while handling any personal items

  • Emailing you the invoice as often as possible.

  • If you must pay by check tell us when you schedule the job and we will prepare the tech to pick the check up.


Stay Home

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

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