Welcome to Northwest Professional Services

Northwest Professional Services provides comprehensive cleaning and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties in Bellingham, WA, Ferndale, WA, and the nearby areas. We are one of the premier cleaning and restoration companies providing a professional service that is aimed at full customer satisfaction. We offer cleaning for carpet and upholstery,tile and grout, janitorial and building maintenance, and commercial floors. We also provide restoration for properties affected by water and fire damage.

Exceptional carpet cleaning services

We offer exceptional carpet cleaning services and we have perfected our techniques down to an exact science. Over 40 years of dedication and commitment has allowed us to offer the best cleaning solutions and the most advanced techniques for keeping carpets in the best condition. As one of the premier carpet cleaning companies in the area, you can expect the most professional results from our company. We utilize the hot water extraction technique in combination with a wand and rotary jet extractor to produce stunning results for your home or business.

Restoration you can depend on

WWhether your property has been affected by flood, fire, or sewer, we are one of the leading water and fire restoration companies you can depend on. Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to return your home or business to its best condition. Our technicians are highly trained and certified in the most advanced drying techniques and understand how to remediate the damage to your property.

Contact Northwest Professional Services

When you need assistance from the best cleaning, fire, and water damage company, you can turn to Northwest Professional Services. Contact us for emergency restoration services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by calling (360) 354-4145. Our technicians are standing by to provide you with immediate assistance.

Professional Cleaning and Restoration


Call us for all your Cleaning, Maintenance and Janitorial Needs
We cover a wide range of cleaning and restoration services. Our certified carpet technicians not only clean carpets from our truck-mounted units but also specialize in handling water, sewer and fire damage restoration.
Some of our other services include:
  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Tile and Grout
  • Carpet Repair
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Polished concrete
  • Pressure Washing

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Grow with us!

That’s right… After 40 years in business Northwest Professional Services is still growing, now more than ever. We are looking for more people possessing that specific glint of character that drives one to help others. Join our team or share this and help spread the word!
Now HIring For:
-Carpet cleaners and carpet repair technicians
-Skilled carpenters and flooring installers for our restoration department
-Night janitors
-Commercial floor technicians for our night crew
-and more!hiring

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Meet Northwest

Jim Young- Lead Tech

Jim Young- Lead Tech

Introducing the people who make Northwest Professional Services everything that it is.
Today: Meet Jim Young

1. How long have you been at Northwest and what is your role?
“I’ve been at Northwest for 7 years and I am the Lead Technician for technical cleaning services.”

2. What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
“I enjoy camping and competitive shooting sports.”

3. Where are you originally from?
“Grand Rapids, Michigan”

4. What is your favorite thing about working at Northwest ?
“The people…that includes everyone I work with and our customers are also friendly and fun to work for.”

5. What is the most difficult cleaning task you have encountered?
“Tile and grout shower stalls can be particularly tricky to clean, especially natural stone.”

6. What previous experience do you have that you find yourself applying in your daily work at Northwest?
“I have worked for 2 other cleaning and restoration companies in the past and get to apply different methods for carpet cleaning in Bellingham WA and techniques to cleaning problems I encounter here at Northwest.”

7. Anything else exciting going on?
“I recently got engaged!”

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Surgical Accuracy: The Art Of Stain Transplant and Carpet Surgery

One of the lesser known services we offer: Carpet Spot Repair. We can patch in a new section from left-over “remnant” carpet and make your permanent stains or bleach spots disappear. Don’t have a piece of that “donor” carpet available? No problem. We can transplant the stained spot to the corner of a closet with surgical accuracy and no one will ever know. Call today if you’ve got a spot begging for spot repair. 360.354.4145Carpet Spot Repair

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Best of Lynden

Thank you Lynden for voting us Best Cleaning Service for 2013! best of (1)

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relay for life fundraiser 5.4.13

20130504_112101Come meet these crazy guys at northwest professional services relay for life fundraiser today 4/4/13. Have a hotdog and visit with your friends and neighbors while you have your auto carpets cleaned . A $50.00 tax deductible donation is suggested. See you there, 9am to 1:30.


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Water Damage: F.A.Q.

See our new “Frequently Asked Questions” page to see how we take caring for our clients beyond the emergency service visit.

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Carpet Cleaning The Right Way: Van-Powered Hot Water Extraction

Here’s a quick video of our most popular service. Call us today to schedule an appointment or a free estimate. 360.354.4145

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Low moisture commercial carpet cleaning is now available with our new Cimex Process. Incredible results when employed as a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Carpets dry as quickly as 45 minutes! Call us today for a quote on a cost effective single service cleaning or a maintenance program custom tailored to your specific facilities needs.

CIMEX: The low moisture cleaning solution that dries quickly with incredible results!

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